Enigma I Simulator

Open the Enigma machine cover first to select the Reflector, Rotor Order, and Rotor Settings. Then, close the Enigma machine cover, set the Starting Position, and move on to the Plugboard Settings. Plug in the plugboard, then type or paste the enciphered text and press enter.
Starting Position

Rotate the rotors
(leave this checked)

Plugboard Settings
(enter letters in groups of two)
Enter Enciphered Text Here:
Deciphered Text:
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© 2007-11 Daniel Palloks

This Enigma simulator is freeware. All of the functionality is the work of Daniel Palloks. I just mangled his code (my sincere apologies) to make the simulator easier to work with for English speakers, novices, and mobile users who are reading The Atlas Pursuit.

This software and source code may be used, distributed and modified freely as long as (1) Daniel Palloks' original authorship remains acknowledged, (2) any modification is properly indicated, (3) the freeware/open source status and the conditions for distribution and modification remain unchanged. This also applies to parts of the source text, if they are used elsewhere. These provisions must be distributed together with the software. This software is provided "as is." Neither Daniel Palloks nor I will be liable for any damage - direct, indirect or consequential - resulting from the use of this software. We are not resposible for the contents of external web pages reached via links from this site.

- David Wise